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Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Masking Film

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VCI Masking Film - Prevent Corrosion

Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Masking Film

Protects Metal Surfaces From Scratches, Corrosion

Premium Metal-Guard VCI Masking Film is a pressure-sensitive adhesive film that protects metal surfaces against scratches, marring, and corrosion. It is designed for temporary protection of exposed metal surfaces during all phases of manufacture, storage and handling. It applies easily and peels off without leaving a residue on the protected surface. The strong, transparent film protects the metal against defects and prevents corrosion for months.

VCI Masking Film - Prevent Corrosion with Premium Metal Guard

To use, apply the film directly to a clean, dry metal surface. The water-based acrylic adhesive is clear, odorless, lightweight and safe. Standard film is tinted a unique shade of blue to identify it as a product of Daubert Cromwell.

Premium Metal-Guard masking film will withstand roll forming, bending, cutting and stamping, making it ideal for use in metal fabrications, metal service centers, doors and trim works, and heavy duty industrial equipment and machines that are stored indoors.

Use it in applications where:

  • Metal surfaces need to remain corrosion-free and flawless until ready for use,
  • It is labor-intense or impractical to rework, repaint and remove surface imperfections by hand,
  • Quality of the finished part is an important part of a quality system.
VCI Masking Film Application - Prevent Corrosion with Premium Metal Guard

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