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DaubriteŽ 1 VCI Emitter Packets

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DaubriteŽ 1 VCI Emitter Packets

Daubrite vci emitters

New, easy-to-use Daubrite 1 VCI emitter packets are the economical, easy way to protect multi-metal parts during storage and shipment. Each VCI packet protects exposed metals inside 1 cu. ft. of enclosed space. Use it to protect metals inside cabinets, boxes, bins, bags or envelopes. Do not open, simply place the Tyvek packet in the container with the parts and the embedded volatile corrosion inhibitor will create a chemical barrier on the surface of the metal.

See also Daubrite 5 disk emitters for 5 cu. ft. of enclosed space; Daubrite 10 disks for 10 cu. ft. of space.

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