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Metal-Guard® FF Barrier Material
Is Next Generation in Preservation

Moisture barrier bags, also known as foil bags, are one of the most effective packaging solutions on the market today to protect against corrosive damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aromas, grease and other airborne contaminants. Products bagged and sealed in properly controlled production environments will remain protected indefinitely, as long as the correct moisture barrier materials remain intact.

To meet these customer requirements, Daubert Cromwell introduced Metal-Guard FF, the heavy-duty, heat sealable, flexible foil barrier material that sets a new standard in barrier packaging. It starts with HD100, a Mil PRF 131J QPL lamination composed of biaxially oriented nylon, aluminum foil and a heavy polyethylene sealant layer. Daubert Cromwell's proprietary VCI formulation was added to the PE sealant, creating an air and moisture proof combination proven to protect packaged metals against corrosion.

Metal-Guard FF essentially replaces the 2-step process of wrapping parts with VCI poly and then a laminated barrier foil. Use it to preserve items for long-term storage or shipment and where conventional methods would be difficult or costly. Typical applications include wrapping or crating large machinery for export or wrapping smaller parts for long term storage.

This unique product has won two important industry accolades:

  • A leading engine manufacturer chose it as crating material for its finished engines. Their own testing proved that it surpassed the competition in value and performance.
  • The Flexible Packaging Association awarded HD100 its Gold Award for Packaging Excellence. Now with the addition of VCI, HD100 VCI is the economical, effective solution to a wide range of industrial and critical storage applications.

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