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Corrosion Protection Guidelines

VCI corrosion protection for large outdoor equipment proper handling of corrosion prevention products

Packaging personnel should always wear gloves while handling metal parts.

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  • Parts should be clean and free of fingerprints before wrapping.
  • Package your clean products as quickly as possible.
  • The unprinted side of Daubert Cromwell paper should face the metal.
  • The metal part should be no more than 12" from the VCI product. The closer to the metal, the better the corrosion protection.
  • As a general rule, use 1 sq. ft. of VCI for every 1-3 sq. ft. of metal surface. Use at least 1 sq. ft. of VCI for every cubic foot of void space.
  • Use Daubert Cromwell to separate metal from acidic packing materials such as corrugated boxes and wooden pallets in order to prevent corrosion at the contact points.
  • The duration of protection depends on the VCI paper and packing method used.
  • Packages may be opened and resealed without affecting the corrosion protection. (Avoid touching metals during the inspection).
  • Daubert Cromwell recommends inventorying no more than a six month supply of VCI papers or film.
  • Store unused VCI in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Shade variations in the color of Daubert Cromwell papers are inherent and do not affect the length, quality or effectiveness of the corrosion protection.
  • For best results, Daubert Cromwell recommends testing the VCI product for compatibility prior to use.
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