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Baker's Jewelry Close Up

Maintaining The "Bling" in Display Cases:
How New Anti-Tarnish Blocks Solved Tarnishing Problems at Baker's Jewelry

VIRGINIA BEACH, (VA) -- A common maintenance challenge among retail jewelers revolves around one simple presentation principle. If customers do not need sunglasses to comfortably observe an item, they will never buy it. This, of course, this means lighting on merchandise needs to be perfect, display cases must be spotless, and the items themselves must remain in pristine condition seven days a week.

Ann Baker, owner of Baker's Fine Jewelry and Gifts in Virginia Beach, VA, shares this problem. Her store is part of an 85-year-old company with a rich Virginia heritage. The luster of her merchandise is under constant attack from airborne oxides and sulfides that routinely tarnish finishes, oftentimes significantly in just a matter of days. It is further exacerbated by the store’s location, just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. Air circulating off the salt water created a doubly progressive tarnishing problem in the display cases.

"We occasionally found ourselves polishing merchandise up to three times a week," Ms. Baker said.

Finding a Solution:
To combat this challenge, Ms. Baker first considered silica gel packets that were recommended to her by an "old silversmith." She eventually discovered that the packets had an effective life that ended soon after they were exposed to air.

Then, earlier this year, Ms. Baker learned about new Silver-Guard® absorbent blocks from Daubert Cromwell, a leading provider of corrosion inhibitor technology since based in Alsip, IL. These small, long-lasting absorbent blocks remove sulfide vapors within a contained environment, eliminating the risk of tarnish. Perfect for jewelry display cases!

Ms. Baker jumped at the chance to try Silver-Guard in her store. Working with Daubert Cromwell, she conducted a six-week test using three different display cases. She put a Silver-Guard block in one case, silica gel packets in a second case just to confirm her information, and no anti-tarnish products in the third case. None of the cases were airtight. All were opened and closed in the normal course of serving customers.

The Results Are In:
Six weeks later, the results were clearly evident to Ms. Baker.

"Items in the display case protected by silica gel packs are tarnished and I don’t even want to describe the condition of merchandise in the case that had no anti-tarnish protection," Ms. Baker said. "However, the items that were protected by Silver-Guard blocks for the entire six weeks are perfectly fine."

Items stored in the Silver-Guard case were among her better lines of sterling silver pieces.

"It’s really obvious to me because I’m the one who has to polish these items and I haven’t had to touch anything in the Silver-Guard case," Ms. Baker said.

Silver-Guard absorbent blocks are the newest addition to Daubert Cromwell’s anti-tarnish packaging papers, films and bags. Accepted by industry as the anti-tarnish standard since the 1950's, Silver-Guard and Silver-Guard products are now available for numerous consumer needs, such as protecting flatware, serving pieces, coins, heirlooms and musical instruments.

For more information and samples of Silver-Guard anti-tarnish products, contact Daubert Cromwell at 800-535-3535.

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